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January 5, 2011

I have imported this blog to a new domain:
See you there!

Where Have I Been?

January 3, 2011

Hiya readers… If I have any left.  Not that it needs pointing out but I haven’t posted on here since July.  I feel I should let you all know where I’ve been hiding.  It’s this scary place called college.  I’m one of the decreasing numbers of kids who leaves home for college.  Though I am only 3.5hrs from home I am in a different state.  College has kept me plenty busy resulting in no time to blog, which saddens me a lot.  Along with the adjusting to college schedules and the new workload I’ve had to deal with having knee surgery (tore my ACL during pre-season for soccer) which put another obstacle in the way.  For the first month of school the typical day was classes from 8am-1pm, physical therapy from 1:30-3 and then sitting out at soccer from 3:30-6, dinner, and then homework.  It’s been 4 months now since the surgery so my knee has almost returned back to normal.

Like I said, college has eaten up my time and when I do have free time all I want to do is sleep or watch a movie.  During the first semester I found almost no time to watch the news or keep abreast of what was going on, save for the few moments I actually got to spend on Twitter.  Even then I was lost.

So! The plan for the New Year and second semester is to carve out time each day to keep up with news and hopefully get a blog post out every week.  I worked out a pretty nice class schedule for myself that should help with those goals.  You can also keep a look out at The Pundit League, I’ll be trying my best to contribute there on a fairly regular basis.

Just wanted to let you all know that I am in fact, still alive.


PS: My blog is in dire need of a makeover.  I welcome all help and suggestions.


What I’ve been up to…

July 30, 2010

I thought I’d share the last two Daily Caller High Pieces and my first solo Daily Caller piece on here for the people who do visit my blog!

July 23rd: Daily Caller High – Journalism, Healthcare and surprising poll results

July 26th: My Article – Thune Gives DNC Nightmares

July 30th: Daily Caller High – Jack Conway, Michigan Ballots, Cap and Trade, 12 Hr School Days

Weiner Goes Berserk!

July 30, 2010

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is known for being a little crazy but this may top them all.

He went off on his collegueas for being cowardly in their opposition to a bill to give healthcare to 9/11 heroes.  While is rant was verging on total insanity… you have to appreciate the man’s passion.  In fact, it’d be nice to see more of our elected representatives get fired up over something they feel so strongly about.  I’ve got to say, I agree with him to an extent.

I can’t help but think what it must have been like to be sitting in the gallery when this took place…

What I’m Reading this Morning…

June 24, 2010

A few articles to start off your morning:

The Nation- After Donovan’s goal: Joy or Jingoism (ignore the last paragraph)

Reuters- Women are entering politics all over the world! Australia gets First Woman Prime Minister

Reuters- More problems for O-Bummer… Spill Hurts Obama Rating as Storm Season Starts

National Review Online- A Political Moment to Savor

Real Clear Politics- 2012, “Not Going to Happen” for New Jersey Governor Christie

Bristol Palin set to make her debut on the Secret Life of the American Teenager on July 5. Here’s a sneak peek

What would the morning be without some Newsbusters? Brzenzinski: Invite Iran to Conference on Afghanistan Future

And because it was that great, some highlights and of course the GAME WINNER from yesterday’s USA win!

Team USA Advances!

June 23, 2010

The United States scored 9 goals in World Cup qualifying… All 9 came in the 86th  minute or later in the game.  So, it should be no surprise that the boys made us hold on until EXTRA time before they pulled out a win vs Algeria.  Of course, there was the goal in the first half that was stolen from us, again.  But, for those of us who actually care about soccer sat there for the 90 minutes biting our nails the whole time after the U.S. had chance, after chance, after chance and nothing would go in.  Then, finally off a toss from keeper Tim Howard Donovan played the ball out wide, the ball gets crossed Dempsey’s shot bounces off the keeper and then Landon Donovan pounds it home to send the United States into the second stage of the World Cup!!!!!!

As soon as the ball went into the back of the net I sprang right off my couch and ran around screaming.  My throat is still in pain.  That was the most exciting/dramatic soccer moment I have ever witnessed.

And here is the man of the match after he scored his goal:

Could this be the year the US wins it all?  The dream is still alive!

Hot, CONSERVATIVE Men of 2010

June 8, 2010

I know you are probably doing a doubletake at the title. Most of the time it’s conservative females who are always being dubbed “hotties.” But, the men? Most people don’t think HOT when they think of conservative men. Well, to all you skeptics out there let me direct your attention to Liberty Pundit’s list of Hot Conservative Men of 2010Melissa Clouthier  of Liberty Pundit’s put together a list of conservative men and had a group of 10 females judges (including, yours truly) rate them on a 1-10 scale. 

 Adam Baldwin, probably best known for his role on TV’S CHUCK was voted number one.  He is also a write and blogger for  To see the 19 other men who made the list click here.

And men- a list of Hot Conservative Women of 2010 was put up last week on RightWingNews