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June 7, 2010

Friends and neighbors I’d like to direct your attention to a new site started by a certain Mr. Brandon Kiser.
The sight is titled “The Right Sphere” and offers you

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The site also has a Twitter page so you can keep up with posts throughout the day.

Now, quit reading this and check it out! The Right Sphere


Pro-Abortion Logic… or Lack Thereof

April 17, 2010

When I wake up on Saturday morning I usually browse around the web reading news stories and blogs and this morning I ran across this article.  After reading it and getting angry I subjected my followers on twitter to a little rant.  Then I decided why not throw together my rant into a little blog post.

The author talks about how her daily commute consists of riding on the NY subway and how there is a new pro-life ad campaign that she will be “forced” to look at.

Anyway, apparently, thanks to a new ad campaign launching this month on NYC subways, I will be adding “I am forced to read some f’ed up anti-choice ads” to my regular subway repoirtoire.

Metro US is reporting that, starting this week, the New York City subway system will be home of a massive ad campaign bankrolled by the San Diego-based anti-choice organization “Abortion Changes You”.

More images and info on the ads after the jump.

The article warns that

The 2,000 ads, which straphangers will see in nearly every subway station beginning tomorrow [this week], depict either a woman saying, “I thought life would be the way it was before,” or a man saying, “I often wonder if there was something I could have done to help her.”

She continues on,

I call bullshit, and I’m not the only one. Samantha Levine of NARAL Pro-Choice New York is all over this one:

“The campaign suggests that feelings of sadness and self-harm are the universal experiences for someone who had an abortion. And there’s no evidence to suggest that that’s true. The organization behind these ads has an agenda. They aren’t seeking to help women — they’re seeking to get abortion banned.”

Then she wanted to challenge the campaign:

So, “Abortion Changes You” ad campaign, I have a question for you: If you care about women so much, why push such an anti-woman agenda? I think that the hidden-agenda-cloaked-in-faux-concern-for-women trend needed to end with the Aughts, yet somehow, the bizarre and twisted logic behind showing women you care about them by cutting off their access to healthcare mysteriously, miraculously, persists in all its annoyingness. Unfortunately, these ads are only the latest to join the crowded ranks of people and initiatives who couch their anti-woman agendas in messaging about “concern” for women and families

So, pro-lifers are anti-women because they seek to help women and encourage them to carry out their pregnancy to term and either love and nurture that child or give it to another family who would love a child but cannot have one on their own.   Shame on those women for not wanting to encourage women to kill their babies.

She then finished with these two gems, which are full of logic (ha!)

“yes, abortion change you- it makes you not pregnant anymore!”

My answer to this:  DON’T GET PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE! If you don’t want to be pregnant……. don’t get pregnant.

Also, you know what else changes you? Being FORCED to carry a pregnancy to term against your will!

My answer:  Really? Against YOUR will?  Who made the decision to have sex?  Who knows what happens when you have sex?  The baby didn’t make you have sex.  You CHOSE to have sex and unless your mom never gave you “the talk” you know what the result of sex is.

The bottom line is that pro-abortion groups cannot use logic to argue why they think abortion is needed.   The arguments presented by this woman are ridiculous and can easily be taken apart with simple one or two line answers.

Liberals are also the type of people that want to tell young women they can play around all they want and not have to live with the results of their playfulness.  Young girls need to realize that having sex is something sacred that should be saved for when they are read to love, nurture, raise and support a child. And yes, the guys need to take responsibility also.  If you really loved the young lady you’d want to wait as well.  It’s what’s best for the both of you. End of story.

My Guest Post

April 7, 2010

This past week Eric Morris asked me to write a guest post for the re-launching of his site and I was more than happy.  I’ll do anything to help out a fellow young conservative!  I chose to write about President Obama’s childish fits he’s been throwing about the conservative opposition to him…

All of this just appears to be another attempt of the President (with the help of the mainstream media) to strike some fear into his opponents.  I don’t know where our current President was under the Bush administration but you’d think he would’ve learned a thing or two.  President Bush wasn’t exactly loved by the media and there was certainly a number of American people who were vehemently opposed to the guy but I don’t recall him mocking them or calling them out by name every chance he got.  It’s just not what a President does.  Generally, you acknowledged when asked but realize that it’s just the way things are going to be and you’ll have to deal with it.  But when you begin to mock and belittle in attempts to shut up, matters will only get worse for you.  I leave you with this quote from President John F. Kennedy,

“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed — and no republic can survive”

Click here to read the whole piece and support Eric!

Bill Maher lives up to his vulgar, classless reputation.

April 1, 2010

As much as I love, I also hate Newsbusters.  Why do I hate Newsbusters?  Because they write stories about Bill Maher that I always read and then I get incredibly upset.  Well, they’ve done it again.

It’s no secret Bill Maher loathes tea partiers but the guy really just goes to far sometimes.  What am I saying?  He goes too far all of the time and he gets away with it too.   Also, isn’t it about time leftists quit saying “tea baggers.”  Nothing like being sexually vulgar every time you open your mouth, then again if you have no class nothing better is expected of you.

Well, here it goes.  You can read the whole article from newsbusters here

Maher was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (which reminds me, TEAM CONAN!)

BILL MAHER: I thank the tea baggers….Any tea baggers here tonight? They’re the ones who got it passed. I’m sure they’re saying, “What are you talking about, Bill? I was so against the health care bill, I marched on Washington with tea bags hanging from my hat, dressed up in my founding father’s costume with a picture of Hitler, you know, and Obama’s face on him and, you know, screaming about his birth certificate.”

And America saw that and said: “What loons. We’re going with the calm black man.” [cheers and applause]

These idiots can’t even spell “go back to Kenya,” you know? Sarah Palin screaming about death panels? You know what, Sarah, if we were killing off useless people, you’d be the first to know. [cheers and applause]

Just a friendly reminder, Bill, your buddies on the left loved to compare our previous President to Hitler.  Oh, you don’t remember?  Take a look:

Now, I’m not using this as an excuse for the few tea partiers who carry ObamaHitler signs.  But this should serve as a reminder to Bill Maher that if you’re going to call out one party for using nasty signs you better recall things your party has done in the past.  I can however, say with confidence that you would not be able to find a tea party attendee with a sign saying “kill Obama, bomb his F***in house.”  If you can find me one I will post it here and call that person out.  Oh and guy with the sign, it’s “their” not “there.”  Who can’t spell?

Call me crazy but I think Maher also suggested killing Palin if there were death panels in the bill to kill off “useless people.”  Wow! How about that for a tolerant liberal!

MAHER: Oh, they’re such sore losers. Sore losers. And I’m not just talking about the gunfire. I mean, you expect that from the right wing when they lose a a political battle. Of course, the bricks through the window, the death threats on phone machine you know? That’s all acceptable, you know? You have to throw a little tantrum when freedom, as we know it, dies because I know what it means to be a patriot, is to make sure that kids don’t get checkups.

I guess Bill Maher missed the story about the death threats to Eric Cantor by an Obama donor.

You’re right Bill, all those patriots on Capitol Hill wanted to “kill the bill” so that their kids wouldn’t be able to receive check ups.  Quite the opposite, sir.

Congrats, Maher! You’re pathetic reputation remains in tact.

Thank you, John Ziegler

March 30, 2010

I found this story on the Daily Caller yesterday and to be quite honest, I was thrilled.  I’ve been trying to say this now for probably 2 months and Mr. Ziegler took the words right out of my mouth.  I know I’ll be barraged by hardcore Palinista’s but I’d like to point out that, I am still a big Sarah Palin fan, I will always be a fan I just happen to think she is not running for President in 2012 and that is why I’m keeping my options open… See previous post.

A few weeks ago on these pages I shocked a lot of people by strongly stating what seems to be an obvious but important reality that Sarah Palin cannot beat President Obama in 2012. While many of her incredibly passionate fans are still understandably unwilling to accept this clear fact (and therefore take their frustrations out on me), this post is not to gloat over the most recent credible poll showing that Palin would be, as I predicted, the worst possible contender against an Obama who still is a strong favorite to win reelection. Instead, I want to praise Palin for possibly understanding this situation and reacting brilliantly to it.

While anyone not named Todd or Sarah who pretends to know for sure what Palin’s long-term plans are is either delusional or a liar, the news that she has secured a Learning Channel deal to air an eight-part documentary on Alaska may provide quite us a bit of insight.

Sarah Palin is a great woman.  She’s been great, and she’ll continue to be great for the conservative movement.  The woman can draw crowds like nobody’s business.  The simple fact is, she doesn’t appear to be making any real chase for the White House.  I think she likes doing what she’s doing; firing up the base and getting conservatives elected.  People will drive miles upon miles to see her and they will pay boatloads of money to see her.  Palin will be a force in the conservative/republican movement for as long as she wants to and as long as she’s involved the money will be pouring in for the conservative movement.   Plus, she drives the left insane.  You can’t complain about that.
I’d just like to finish by saying something to those who refuse to move when it comes to “Palin 2012” shenanigans, please keep an open mind to other candidates.
((runs for cover))
Update: A few friends and I on Twitter got to talking about how we’d like to see Palin do an interview outside of Fox News to sort of expand her audience and let other people hear her interviewed by someone who may not be her biggest fan.  We thought Jake Tapper of ABC would be a great person for Palin to chat with.  I mentioned it on Twitter and Tapper told us that he has tried contacting Palin for an interview but he has been refused.  I’ve always been a fan of Tapper’s.  I think he is an excellent journalist and would be tough but fair when questioning Sarah Palin.  Cubachi wrote an excellent piece about this and included some great video of Jake Tapper.
So, Sarah if you’re listening, we’d love to see you talk with Jake Tapper and know you’d do great!
** Jake Tapper shared his latest response he’s received from Palin’s folks, Read here.

A Little #Thune2012 Talk…

March 26, 2010

Yes, 2012 is still quite a ways away but it’s fun to search for possible candidates.  The media throws around names like Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Gingrich, etc.  But, us twitter folk know better than to just listen to the media.  We look for our own candidates.   While the names mentioned above are contendors … there is one man who has stood out recently.  He is a Senator from South Dakota who is no stranger to defeating big time Democrats.  He ousted House Minority Leader Tom Daschel in 2004.  Before that he served in the US House of Representatives, he won that election with 70% of the votes and supported term limits and promised to serve no longer than 3 terms.  He kept his promise.  His name is John Thune, and don’t you forget it.

John Thune is currently running unchallenged in South Dakota.  He is actively raising money and has been appearing on primetime cabel news shows left and right lately.  He has been one of the most outspoken and most articulate opponents of Obamacare, along w/ Rep. Paul Ryan- another one to look out for.  See his awesomeness for yourself by visiting his YouTube page.

Senator Thune was awarded a 100% raiting from the ACU in 2009 labeling him a “Defender of Liberty.”  He is hardcore pro-life and believes that marriage is a sacred reuinion between a man and a woman, he supported the 2006 amendment to the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.  While upholding strong social conservative values Thune also understands that government isn’t the solution to our problems.  He understands the Constiution and realizes that it’s the people of this country our public officials should be listening to to guide their legislative decisions, not personal legacy.

Thune attended Biola University, a Christian college and graduated w/ a degree in Business.  He and his wife are committed Evangelical Christians and he promises to remain true to his principles,

Having a Christian worldview shapes my decision-making with respect to all aspects of my life. I always respect people in public life who are principled, and those principles have to be connected to something. And my faith is what serves as the anchor and directs my actions.

While 2012 is still a long way off, it’s always fun to look for possible candidates and I’d urge to keep an eye on this guy.  Twitter is.

Matt K. Lewis of Politics Daily wrote an article in December of ’09 discussing the growing #Thune2012 popularity.  And just recently the WSJ wrote a piece about the possibilyt of a “Thune 2012 dark horse”

Classless Act: Dylan Ratigan

March 3, 2010

I was just about to call it a night and then this video popped up in my twitterstream

That was Dylan Ratigan, your typical MSNBC host who kind of dislikes the Tea Party crowd.  He’s one of those guys who thinks Tea Partiers are out to kill the President.  Now, I know Dylan has been to a lot of Tea Parties so he knows first hand…. You know, maybe if Mr. Ratigan and his fellow hosts at MSNBC would, Oh, I don’t know, GO to a Tea Party they might realize that…no one holds up signs declaring “I want to kill black people.”  At least not at the Tea Parties I’ve attended.

As Mark Williams pointed out, there are some wingnuts in the world.  They’re on both sides (right and left. conservative and liberal).  If anyone actually has the guts to hold a sign that reads “I want to kill black people”  I can assure you someone would tell him/her to put the sign down or to leave.

But,  I appreciated Dylan Ratigan’s patience…. And, the class with which he handled himself.  First, he walks away while Mr. Williams tries to answer his accusation and then he tells Williams he is “wasting valuable oxygen” and finally, the ever so tolerant leftist Ratigan asks that Mr. William’s mic be turned off.

Dear Mark Williams, Dylan Ratigan is not worth your time.