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Round Up: Palin, Tea Party, Republican Party

February 7, 2010

Ok, as I’m sure everyone is aware yesterday the first Tea Party Convention ended with a speech from Sarah Palin. Before I talk about Sarah Palin’s speech I wanted to share my thoughts on the Tea Party and it’s impact on the Republican Party.  The Tea Party has announced they are starting a new Political Action Committee which has given rise to the questions of a possible Tea Party third party.  In all honesty, the idea of the Tea Party becoming a third party is a horrible idea.  America is a two party system. Period.  A third party will 1) divide conservatives and 2) solidify wins for the democrats.  Ronald Reagan addressed the issue of a possible third party in his CPAC speech in 1977:

 I believe the Republican Party can hold and should provide the political mechanism through which the goals of the majority of Americans can be achieved. For one thing, the biggest single grouping of conservatives is to be found in that party. It makes more sense to build on that grouping than to break it up and start over. Rather than a third party, we can have a new first party made up of people who share our principles. I have said before that if a formal change in name proves desirable, then so be it.

The point is, the Republican party is a mess right now.  There are some RINO’s that need to go.   The solution, however, is not to start from scratch and build a new party.  The solution is to infiltrate the republican party with true conservatives.  The Tea Party will be a huge help in achevieng that goal.

On to Sarah Palin.  First, let’s just get the whole “Palin cheated using notes” thing out of the way.   I would hardly call it cheating like the Huffington Post did.  Sure, it may not have been the most professional thing ever, but who hasn’t done that before?  The bottom line, in my opinion is that it doesn’t not help her with the people who can’t take her seriously.  I’m a huge Palin fan.   Anyone who read my post about the book signing knows that.  I would assume those were a few point she didn’t want to forget so she jotted them on her hand.  Maybe a napkin would’ve been a better choice but she went for the hand.  Not to mention the fact that I’d rather someone write notes on their hand and take a peek at them for a second than watch a disconnected speech with a nose held high and a teleprompter for an hour.  Just sayin’.  As far as her speech overall, I thought it was excellent.  She sounded comfortable, and fired up.  She hit on all the major issues conservatives are concerned with and she nailed them all.  Her jabs at Obama were winners as well.  Sarah Palin also sat down with FOX New’s Chris Wallace.  During the interview Palin said she wouldn’t rule out a 2012 run, in fact she tought it’d be an awful idea to rule it out.  Which brings me to my last line of discussion in this post.  President Sarah Palin?  Is it  realistic?  Can she do it?  I for one am a huge fan of Sarah Palin, I don’t think she is lacking in experience.  In fact, compared to Obama she has more experience.  I probably would vote for her in a primary, but I can’t say for sure because I don’t know if she will run or who the other candidates will be.  But, let’s imagine she is running.  The reality, in my opinion, is that it will be very difficult for her to win the primary and become the candidate.  I see it that way for several reasons.  One, she is constantly being blasted by the “lamestream media.”  And I know, I know, Sarah Palin doesn’t care what the media says.  But that’s not the point.  People watch the LSM, and they listen.  2008 is a perfect example.  The media did everything possible to make her look ridiculous and in a way they succeeded.  One of my closest friends and one of my teachers said they have a hard time taking her seriously because of what the media did.  Her image has been so distorted by the media and it will only get harder for her to repair that image.  Sure, her base knows the real her.  That doesn’t change the fact that people watch and listen to the LSM.  My other point is that there are a lot of Republicans who will not vote for her.  My dad for one has said he still needs her to convince him she’s the best choice, if she runs.  One of my “tweeps” said he wouldn’t vote for her in the primary but would in the general election.  I think that is the biggest obstacle Sarah Palin will have to overcome if she does decides to run in 2012.  I guess my message is, don’t settle on Sarah right now.  We have no idea who is going to run in 2012.  Yes, Sarah Palin appears to be a great option right now.  But we can’t sit here and say “Sarah Palin will be our next President.”  We don’t know that.  We have got to keep our options open.  In all honesty, I think Sarah Palin is best when she is out giving speeches for other causes and candidates and firing up the base.  I just think it’s a bit premature to say that Sarah Palin will be our candidate in 2012.  Sarah Palin is not the only true conservative out there.  She may be the most popular right now, but she is not the only one.

Update: Remember when the media jumped all over Obama for using a teleprompter to speak to 6th graders?  Oh… wait.  But Palin write 7 words on her hands and media goes nuts.  Go figure

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  1. February 8, 2010 4:54 am

    “The solution is to infiltrate the republican party with true conservatives. ” Right on.

    “One of my closest friends and one of my teachers said they have a hard time taking her seriously because of what the media did. Her image has been so distorted by the media and it will only get harder for her to repair that image. Sure, her base knows the real her. That doesn’t change the fact that people watch and listen to the LSM. My other point is that there are a lot of Republicans who will not vote for her. My dad for one has said he still needs her to convince him she’s the best choice, if she runs. ”

    Don’t fear the media caricature. I have a friend who told me something similar to what your dad said. This morning he called me and said after watching the speech, he’s a believer now.

    Jackie, people don’t buy lies and don’t buy fear over what other people think. They buy commitment. When they see how committed Sarah’s army is, they will understand. There are serious people with degrees, big incomes, good jobs and the like who are diehard Sarah Palin supporters. Don’t be afraid to stand up and say “I’m all in.”

    I am a partner in a business. I have a B.A. in political science and I have a decent full time job as well. I have no problem “betting my poli sci degree” on Sarah. Trust her instead of worrying about the media.

    You stood up to the media, and Sarah stands up to the media everyday.

    Have courage and we will take our country back.

  2. Teal permalink
    February 9, 2010 8:23 am

    I’m from California, Los Angeles in fact, only a few miles away from Hollywood–this is the THICK of liberal territory. And here are some points I want to remind you of before you lose faith in Palin and allow the lamestream media’s tactics to give you doubts.

    1) In California, Obama did not win the Democratic primaries. Hillary Clinton won with a fairly wide margin. He was beatable then, he is beatable now, and I think will be in 2012.

    2) Obama did NOT win the general election by a “landslide” as the media would have you think. He only won by about 2%! In someo f the more contested states, the margins were TINIER.

    3) However, be assured that without Palin as McCain’s runningmate–John McCain WOULD have lost by a landslide. He did not suffer as huge of an embarassment because Palin gave him more votes *and* also gave him “the biggest boost in the polls any VP candidate as ever done in electoral history.” As Dick Morris and Karl Rove so often point out.

    4) That means EVEN with all the nonsensical messianic hype surrounding Obama, EVEN with all the economic hoopla, EVEN with all the media’s attempts to Couric-ify Palin, Obama STILL did not win by that much. He did NOT have a mandate from the American people.

    5) Research the term “The Silent Majority” –when Richard Nixon (who had lost a previous race for the presidency) ran for a second time, everyone was sure he would lose again because all the fervor, momentum, and media attention seemed to be grabbed by the leftist activists! But guess what: Nixon WON because of the “silent majority” of people who still maintained conservative values.

    6) When Palin came to a rally here in Los Angeles, I was there–it was PACKED. Seating ran out . It was a diverse crowd of people. A Hispanic soccer mom gave the opening speech.

    7) Finally, do NOT underestimate Palin’s political savvy NOR her ability to strike a chord with independents. She already has with many who are SICK of beltway insiders in both parties calling all the shots. Who see through the media bias nonsense, and who find her honesty and bluntness refreshing. Even if people might not agree with Palin on everything, their mere security in “knowing” what she stands for goes a long way.

  3. Teal permalink
    February 9, 2010 3:26 pm

    one more thing: the fact that Palin has been through the media grinding machine, is a strength. it also makes her better prepped to know how to communicate should she enter office. she knows the ropes of how the media operates—which is a very important skill to have while in office esp. in this media age. Look how badly Obama has failed in that regard–to push his agenda forward and “communicate” his ideas to the public. He’s failed despite having a fawning press that loves him.

    other candidates have not gone through the media’s grinding machine and we don’t know what skeletons in their closets will eventually be unearthed.

    also: Presidents, often the best ones, are the most polarizing and parodied. If you go back into history, you’ll see that despite being loved now, Abraham Lincoln was more hated and more mocked than G.W. Bush ever was he was in office–sure the press has taken things to a new low by mocking Palin’s kids–but being parodied is nothing new, and yet, Lincoln was an effective leader in the midst of the most polarizing time in U.S. History: The Civil War.

    So conclusion: The best of leaders often have the most detractors–you can’t just cater to your detractors all the time. Our country is indeed divided, but only 20% of poeple identify as “Liberal or Progressive.” That’s saying something. We’re not as “divided” as one may think.

  4. Matt permalink
    February 10, 2010 1:18 pm

    Hahaha, are you serious?? You do realize Palin’s speech was written down, just on notecards instead of a teleprompter. So I guess notecards are better than using a teleprompter?

    Also, you do know theres a difference between reading a speech on an issue off a teleprompter and having to consult your hand when someone asks questions about issues. Can you imagine Palin doing a real Q&A session about issues and being remotely knowledgeable about anything? I for one, definitely cant. It takes alot more than snarky, ‘lets get fired up’ speeches to lead the country. Knowledge of the issues is one, and Palin has a long way to go on that point.

  5. The Ghost of 1781 permalink
    February 11, 2010 12:28 am

    Jackie, you are spot on with your analysis of the effect of the media on Palin’s image. You are also correct that Sarah Palin unfortunately divides the Republican party. Some say that sort of division is good, because it’s time to put the RINOs in their place, but there are a number of people who just see her as destructive and dangerous.

    I’m not one of them. In fact, the more I learn of Sarah Palin, the more I am convinced that she is the kind of leader we need in this country. I say the kind of leader, not the leader. I won’t make the mistake of falling into the cult of personality that seems to follow the current bozo in office. I know she can do the job, and I don’t question your competency, experience, or any other factor that seems so commonly debated.

    But you are right that there need to be other options out there. We cannot place all of our eggs in any basket, not even Sarah Palin’s. We must find the Jim DeMint’s, Michelle Bachmann’s, John Thune’s, and other established politicians who actually get it. We need to find the Allen West’s, Chuck DeVore’s, Marco Rubio’s, and Doug Hoffman’s who are not established politicians, but have the right idea.

    We have the find them, and move forward with a coalition of constitutionalists who understand that progressivism is the cancer killing our country from the inside. We must give the left too many targets to triangulate and destroy, because we aren’t going to win with one leader. We must win with truth and with an “army” (Hello Ms. Huffington!) of honest men and women who will not and cannot be defeated, because too much is at stake if we allow the progressive movement to establish the control that inevitably leads to a police state.

    We fight now with the truth so that we may need not fight later otherwise.

  6. Teal permalink
    February 21, 2010 4:59 am

    Why Palin stands “above” the “others.” (Like Thune, Pence, etc…)

    *** Governor Sarah Palin has done MUCH more for the conservative cause and this country as a whole, even WITHOUT a title and in far less time.

    * Palin, not Scott Brown, is most responsible for the reason why healthcare reform is in jeopardy. (Remember “Death Panels?”) –> Mitt Romney instituted socialized medicine in his state!

    ** Palin publicly challenged the science of global warming before it became “cool” to do so. –> Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty are “greenies,” though they are probably flip flopping on this now.

    ** Palin endorsed underdog Doug Hoffman in NY-23 and allied herself with the Tea Party movement, regardless of the “establishment fallout” that she’d be met with. –> Were John Thune or Mike Pence as bold and aggressive in their willingness to challenge the GOP establishment, before it became cool? No, they all seemed quite “muted” until Palin blazed the trail first. Or maybe it’s because, they’re PART of the establishment.

    ** Palin has been a vocal advocate for the unborn far more than any other Republican, before and after she rose to national prominence. She doesn’t just “talk” during speeches or “vote” whenever a bill comes up. Palin walks the walk. Her social values put her in the good graces of most Americans, INCLUDING minority and immigrant Americans as well.

    ** Palin has shown time and time again, she’s about the people–not about career politics and saving her political skin. **

    * Palin has incredibly media savvy, and this will serve her well should she ever become President. She will not let the media control and manipulate her agenda, but will instead communicate directly to the people.

    ** Palin’s support for our men and women in uniform is not phony — but genuine and close to her heart. Her own son is honorably serving in the military. HARDLY (if ANY) of our representatives in Congress have any children who serve! Not only that, I trust Palin to take a bullet for a fellow American before any of the other “men” in our government would. Any day.

    * Palin takes on her own worst enemies without losing her integrity or class. She’s even willing to challenge the greater culture at large. Even Hollywood feels threatened by her.

    * Palin is unabashed about her faith in Jesus Christ and her Biblical worldview.

    * PALIN has the boldness to directly call out Obama for his lies AND his cronies (like Rahm) for their incompetence and classlessness. NO OTHER REPUBLICAN has been as blunt, up front, and truthful as she has regarding the nature of Obama and his agenda!

    ** I’m leaving out many other examples.


    Point blank, Governor Palin has proven her leadership, while the others in the running have had MORE time and actual power to do so, but have little to show for it.

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