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Congrats Brown! #MASEN!

January 20, 2010

Quick thoughts on Brown’s victory.

A few short moments ago Marcia Marsha Martha Coakely conceded.   Which means, SCOTT BROWN HAS WON Ted Kennedy’s “THE PEOPLE’S SEAT!”  I was switching channels throughout the night to see the different takes, I parked on MSNBC for a few minutes.  When I turned it on Rachel Maddow was talking with Howard Dean and they both agreed that you can’t blame someone else for  a loss… unless his name is Bush.  Yeah, I was hoping the blame Bush game had run its course.  No, no, MSNBC can’t just accept they lost, they’ve gotta blame it on someone, so hey why not Bush?  Who else, I mean it’s not like Obama went and campaigned for Coakely…oh..wait…

Keep playing your games liberals.  Blame Bush, Blame Palin, and bash tea partiers and voters.  It’s working, maybe not in your favor but it’s certainly getting us fired up…and ready to go!

CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT BROWN.  For a republican to win a senate seat held by, perhaps one of the most well known democratic senators is pretty gosh darn impressive.  If you don’t see this as a sign of this to come, well you’re in for a rude awakening!

Oh, and Norah O’Donnell wants you to know Scott Brown supports waterboarding.

Get to work Brown & kill that bill!

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  1. January 20, 2010 4:38 am

    yep america is great and now we will stop healthcare and crap and trade

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