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Who’s Ready for 2010?!

August 22, 2009

I am willing to bet that I am more excited about 2010 than anyone reading this. 2010 will be my very first election and what makes it more exciting is that I believe it will be a crucial election in “winning back” our country. Judging by the amazing outcomes at these Town Hall meetings and past Tea Parties I think the American people are waking up. I am a young person and I guess I’ve also woken up. Not that I’ve been asleep going with the flow of “politics as usual” but I’ve been woken up to the fact that, if the adults of this country aren’t going to fight for the future, I will. This is America which means my future should include the freedom to make my own decision. But sadly, the way this administration is doing much of those decisions will have already been made for me.

2010 has the potential to shift the country back in the right direction. And by right, I’m not referring to republicans. I’m referring to the way of the Founders. This country has been off course for quite some time and 2010 is the year I believe we can straighten things out. This election shouldn’t be about getting more democrats out and replacing them with republicans. It should be about electing officials who are true to their word and aren’t just seeking office for their own political agenda. We should elect men and women who have America’s best interest at heart. That means they are willing to listen to their constituents and do their best to serve them. They should have a firm understanding of the Constitution and know the difference between a right and a responsibility. Its time we start focusing on the person not the party. We should look at the background of the candidate and when given the opportunity question them. I think too often Americans vote on someone based on the R or D beside their name. Republicans ideas are just as flawed as Democrats. There are several republicans I’d like to see kicked out because they’re just as progressive as most Democrats.

I’ve only been interested in politics for a little over a year now and have already seen the greed, arrogance and sheer hypocrisy that constantly flows out of Washington DC and it’s disgusting. There are very few politicians I can look at in DC and think to myself “Wow, that person really cares about the people of this country.” As far as I can see an overwhelming majority are just in it for the perks. Being an elected official means you’re a public servant. That doesn’t mean you make the public your servants.

I’m confident 2010 will be a great year and hope adults and youth will get out and vote. Not just vote for the sake of voting. But learn about the candidates. I’m also confident 2010 will be a year when Americans will come together and stand united to take back their country. Let’s start living up to the name, the UNITED States of America. We are greatest country on earth, and I’d like to see that fact remain until the end of time.

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  1. Lori permalink
    August 23, 2009 3:59 am

    Nice commentary! I am excited too for 2010, I think we will see big change. My fear though is that the current folks we have in Congress and the White House can do a lot of damage before then… we have to do everything we can to keep bad legislation from getting approved before 2010.

    I agree completely with what you’ve said. I’m 41, have always voted Republican but I am opening my eyes to what’s going on. I like you will look at each candidate on my ballot for what they’ve done and what they believe and not care so much about their party (though have to say I don’t see many Dems I’d ever agree with).

    We need more people like Glenn Beck that are willing to dig a little and to tell us about all the stuff that’s going on in DC that we might not otherwise hear about. I think, with few exceptions, the whole lot of them are totally corrupt and we need to clean house completely. In 2010, the top two things I’d like to see on the agenda are 1) introduce term limits and 2) eliminate lobbyists completely. Only fresh, new faces that haven’t been corrupted by the DC way would be willing to put forth this legislation.

  2. August 24, 2009 4:01 am

    Gee I’m glad you have taken an interest as you are so young. It is refreshing to see our youth interested in whats going on. I was not yet old enough to vote when Kennedy was elected. I remember the debates between him and Nixon on TV. Then after Kennedy was assassinated, I was disillusioned by Politics, too cut throat for me. Today, my eyes are opened wide, because of mine (our) inaction, we have a Corrupt bunch of Lunatics running the asylum. It’s really all in YOUR hands now, WE screwed it up, hope you can FIX it, before its too late. JS

  3. Ashleigh permalink
    November 23, 2009 8:45 pm

    Yay! It will be my first election too!!

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